vendredi 4 février 2011

Preserved + unAltered Sue Cummings & Valc. designs

Let me tell you something,
I think I discovered my scraping style when I first played along a designer spotlight of Sue cummings in 2008 ( OMG!!!! ) I won Sue's WHOLE shop ( yeah, she is one of teh most generous person I ever met) and I join her CT the year after that ... where I am still, proud to be there, and SO glad to be there...

ad this time, Sue and I have worked together to get this kit for you.

You want my point... it is an AMAZING kit... the main idea is to give you tools to scrap your photos, good photos or bad photos.
I mean we ALL have photos which are everything but fabulous ( bad light, little un focus, etc etc) but we keep those photos as the are the only one we have of a special moment, a special feeling a special person.

Preserved + unALTERED is this, makes you able to scrap ALL your photos, to preserved unaltered pictures even though they are not " professional quality"

want previews?

 here they are





EVERYTHING will be from 20% to 40 %off until Feb10th
AND QP are for FREE if you buy the BUNDLE pack


Want inspiration?

4 commentaires:

terese a dit…

it´s absolutely gorgous!!!!! can´t wait to play with it!!!!! stunning, val!

clo a dit…

Maginfique, beutifull ! wahw !

Designs by Sue Cummings a dit…

I totally forgot you won my shop! OMG! 2008! and now it's 2011 and we are designing together! LIFE is good!
This is my favorite kit ever!

voyance sérieuse a dit…

quel joli scrap